85425ea0 Partial loading

Unstable operation of the engine or fluctuation at insignificant opening of a butterfly valve or overconsumption of fuel at the normal operational modes are caused by the wrong adjustment of the screw of partial loading.

This adjustment should not be made before elimination of all available malfunctions.

1. Remove the carburetor from the engine.
2. Using the lever, remove the metal stopper closing the screw of adjustment of partial loading which is located adjacently with the giving fuel hose.
3. If the stop or fluctuations of the engine, then mix too poor is the reason of adjustment and it is necessary to turn the screw on a quarter of a turn counterclockwise.
4. If the adjustment reason – fuel overconsumption, then mix too rich it is also necessary to turn the screw on a quarter of a turn clockwise.
5. Install the carburetor and check whether operation of the engine improved.
6. If further adjustment is necessary, execute it, but do not turn the screw more than on a half of a turn from a starting position.
7. Install a new metal stopper on the screw.