6.1.5. Check, removal and installation of the fuel pump


1. Disconnect wires from primary winding of the coil of ignition.
2. Remove a hose from an output branch pipe of the fuel pump.
3. Wind an output branch pipe of the fuel pump with pure rags. The assistant has to turn a bent shaft a starter. At the same time the entrance branch pipe has to come out fuel strong, equal pushes. Lack of fuel testifies or to malfunction of the fuel pump, or to lack of fuel in the fuel tank.
4. If the fuel pump is faulty, it needs to be replaced as repair of the fuel pump is not provided.


1. Remove a weight wire from the accumulator.
2. Disconnect fuel hoses (And – entrance, In – pressure head) from the fuel pump. If necessary mark hoses and close them suitable traffic jams.
3. Unscrew nuts or bolts and remove the pump from the engine. Remove laying.


1. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal. At installation use new laying.
2. Start the engine and check fuel system for existence of leaks. In the presence of leaks immediately switch off the engine and eliminate leak. At installation of the fuel pump start of the engine can longer last usual.