85425ea0 The accelerated idling (a gap In)

1. Close the air gate and enshrine it in this provision by an elastic band.
2. Open a butterfly valve and install the screw of the accelerated idling turns on the second step of a cam. Release a butterfly valve and check that the screw remained on the place.
3. Slightly slightly open, and then release the air gate in order that it was installed in the correct situation. Check a gap of the air gate B by the same method, as when checking a gap of movement in the lower part of a butterfly valve. The gap of B has to conform to the requirements provided in subsection 6.1.1.
4. If it is necessary to make adjustment, remove the carburetor and a cover of the gate. Turn in draft which connects a cam of the accelerated idling turns to the lever of the air gate, before receiving the required gap.
5. After adjustment repeatedly check a gap In the ambassador of installation of the carburetor for the engine.