6.1.18. Removal and installation of the exhaust system

Problem of the exhaust system is removal of the fulfilled gases in the atmosphere so that they even in the minimum quantity did not get to interior of the car, and also decrease in noise level of the engine. That the exhaust system could perform the functions, it has to be in good repair. The condition of the exhaust system exerts impact also on the engine capacity and fuel consumption.


1. For removal of the exhaust system lift a forward or back part of the car and fix on supports.
2. The exhaust system consists of three or four sections. Forward and back sections of the exhaust system can be removed independently from each other, but for removal of average section it is necessary to disconnect adjacent elements of fuel system. It is the most convenient to remove the exhaust system assembled.
3. For removal of forward or back section of the exhaust system remove the sprung clips which connect sections of the exhaust system.
4. Remove the rubber pillows supporting section of the exhaust system, and at removal of forward section unscrew the bolts fixing a reception exhaust pipe to a final collector.


1. At connection of sections of the exhaust system use antiprigarny structure. Check a state and, if necessary, replace clips, rubber pillows, consolidations and laying (in the drawing – the graphite sealing ring established in elastic connection of sections of the exhaust system).
2. At installation of the exhaust system arrange it so that the weight of the exhaust system was evenly perceived by rubber pillows then tighten bolts of fastening of clips.