6.1. Models with the carburetor

The power supply system fuel consists of the fuel tank, the fuel pump and the carburetor. The fuel tank is installed in the back lower part of the car.

The mechanical fuel pump of diaphragm type is put in action by the clown of the camshaft.

The air filter installed on the carburetor contains the replaceable filtering element. In front of the air filter the temperature regulator with the gate is established. The temperature regulator maintains temperature of the air coming to the engine at optimum level because the gate operated by a temperature regulator provides or receipt in the engine of cold air, or the air which is warmed up by a final collector.

The fuel pump takes away fuel from the fuel tank and via the filter gives it to the carburetor. Excess fuel on the returnable pipeline comes back to the fuel tank.


Gasoline extremely fire - is also explosive therefore it is necessary to show care during the work on any part of fuel system.

Works on fuel system need to be performed in well aired room for what it is possible to open all windows and doors for draft creation.

During the work on fuel system do not use naked flame, electric welding and tools during the work with which sparks can be formed. Check that in close proximity to a workplace there is a charged fire extinguisher.

For protection of eyes against hit of fuel in them use points. At hit of fuel on skin wash out this place a large amount of water.

Capacity in which there was a fuel contains vapors of fuel and is potentially explosive.

During the work with fuel system observe purity as the dirt which got to canals of fuel system can block them that will break normal operation of the engine.