85425ea0 Movement gate (gap And)

For performance of this operation it is necessary to use the vacuum pump.

1. Remove the air filter.
2. Install the screw of adjustment of the accelerated idling turns on the top step of a cam. Check that the air gate is completely closed. Otherwise, if the gate still warm, it is necessary to use an elastic band for deduction of the gate in a closed position.
3. Create vacuum in the vacuum chamber of the gate.
4. Using a drill shaft, measure a gap between the air gate and a wall of the diffuser.
5. The gap (A) has to conform to the requirements provided in subsection 6.1.1 (In – the adjusting screw).
6. If necessary, rotating the adjusting screw B, establish the required gap. If a gap too small, it is necessary to bend draft for providing a sufficient side play for the course of the adjusting screw.
7. After adjustment fix the screw, having applied sealant on its carving.
8. Check a free wheeling between a control lever flaps of the deflector and draft of the vacuum block. At the same time draft has to be established in final situation (And = 0,1–0,3 mm). If necessary turn in the end of draft for installation of a gap in the required limits.