85425ea0 Carburetor 1B1

1. Remove the carburetor from the engine.
2. Remove a hose of the vacuum chamber of movement from the throttle case.
3. Unscrew four screws and remove the top cover of the carburetor.
4. Unscrew screws (are specified by shooters) adjustments of turns of idling and quality of mix, and also the valve blocking supply of fuel on turns of idling or a cap (it is specified by an arrow).
5. Unscrew a nut, note an arrangement and remove the lever of the drive of a butterfly valve, a plate of a cam and a returnable spring.
6. Unscrew two screws and uncover the device of enrichment of partial loading, a spring and a diaphragm.
7. Remove a flange of the accelerating pump.
8. Remove the piston of the accelerating pump.
9. Remove a spring of the accelerating pump.
10. Take a spray of the accelerating pump from the carburetor. Remove a spring and a ball.
11. Vypressuyte a float axis, then remove a float.
12. Remove the needle valve.
13. Unscrew and remove the main jet.
14. Unscrew three screws and remove the gate, thermal and vacuum chambers.
15. Note an arrangement and unscrew and remove a fuel / air jet of turns of idling (A) and additional (In) a fuel / air jet from the carburetor case.
16. Further dismantling of the carburetor is not recommended.
17. Clear carburetor details in gasoline and blow them compressed air.
18. Blow compressed air all jets and channels in the carburetor, but at the same time do not use a wire.
19. Check a condition of all axes and drafts for existence of wear and the increased gap. With defects replace worn-out details.
20. Check a condition of diaphragms and replace them in the presence of punctures and pollution.
21. Check a state and tightness of a float. If in a float there is a fuel, replace it.
22. Blowing the needle valve, check its tightness in a closed position. In the absence of tightness replace the needle valve.
23. Assembly of the carburetor is made in the sequence, the return to removal. The top provision of a float is not regulated.
24. Install the carburetor on the engine and adjust turns of idling and quality of mix, then execute other adjustments.