85425ea0 Productivity of the accelerating pump

1. With the carburetor installed in the car, and removed by the air filter start the engine for several minutes in the idling mode, then switch off it.
2. Looking in the carburetor diffuser, manually open a butterfly valve. When opening a butterfly valve the fuel stream from the accelerating pump has to appear. In the absence of a fuel stream, perhaps, the accelerating pump is faulty or channels of supply of fuel of the accelerating pump are blocked.
3. This check defines only operability of the accelerating pump. For more exact check of the accelerating pump it needs to be removed from the engine.
4. Fill the float-operated camera of the carburetor with fuel and install the carburetor over a measuring vessel.
5. Ten times at an interval of three seconds completely open a butterfly valve. Measure amount of the fuel given by the accelerating pump, and compare it to the data provided in subsection 6.1.1. Adjustment of the accelerating pump is not provided and possible only its cleaning or replacement of worn-out or faulty details.