85425ea0 Cleaning of a head of the block of cylinders and pistons of a deposit

Cleaning can be made as on the engine installed in the car and on the engine removed from the car.

1. Remove a head of the block of cylinders and, using a wire brush or a plastic scraper, remove all traces of a deposit from combustion chambers and cylinders. Cores of valves and the directing plugs of valves need also to be cleared of a deposit. Wash out combustion chambers and cylinders gasoline and clear a surface of a head of the block of cylinders.
2. If the engine is installed in the car, clear the top parts of pistons and cylinders. When cleaning be careful that the deposit did not remain in cylinders as in this case walls of cylinders can be scratched and pistons and rings are damaged. For an exception of it turn a bent shaft of the engine in such situation that two pistons were installed in VMT. Two the cylinder close others pure rags. Stick channels of the cooling system with pieces of an adhesive tape to exclude hit of a deposit in the cooling system.
3. Fill with a thin layer of lubricant an interval between walls of cylinders and two pistons. A plastic scraper clear the top parts of pistons, at the same time be careful not to scratch aluminum alloy. Also clear a deposit from the top part of cylinders. After cleaning remove lubricant with deposit particles. For reduction of formation of a deposit polish the top part of the piston.
4. Remove rags from two other cylinders and turn a bent shaft of the engine that two pistons which were below were installed in the top dead point. Close rags the cleared cylinders and the method described earlier, clear the remained two cylinders of a deposit.