4.1.17. Engine lubrication system

Lubricant of the engine is produced under pressure created by the oil pump. Oil is sucked in via the mesh filter located in an oil receiver and then comes via the filter to canals of the block of cylinders. From there oil arrives to a bent shaft and the camshaft. Bearings of the lower head of a rod are supplied with oil through internal drilling in a bent shaft. To camshaft bearings oil also moves under pressure. Cams of the camshaft and valve are oiled sprayed, as well as all other mobile details of the engine.

For trouble-free operation of the lubrication system in it there are two valves – bypass the valve of an oil filter and the safety valve of pressure. Bypass the valve of an oil filter allows oil to come to the engine lubrication system, passing an oil filter when he is killed and interferes with oil passing.

The safety valve of pressure located in the case of the oil pump limits pressure in the engine lubrication system.