4.3. The DOHC engine with 16 valves

The block of cylinders and details located in the block of cylinders of the DOHC engine are generally similar to the ONS engine of 2,0 l. Difference is that pistons are attached to rods by piston fingers of floating type and are fixed by lock rings.

Camshafts on DOHC engines are given from a bent shaft by one gear belt. About four valves (two inlet and two final) which are put in action from camshafts through hydraulic pushers are installed in each cylinder. One camshaft puts in action inlet the valve, and another – final.

Models with DOHC engines have the separate oil heater.

The distributor of ignition is put in action from the camshaft operating final valves.

The gear belt also puts the water pump in action, but for adjustment of a tension of a gear belt the additional roller is used. Also there is one more directing roller of a gear belt.