4.1.9. Gas distribution mechanism asterisks

1. Take off a cap and weaken bolts of fastening of a forward right wheel. Lift a forward part of the car and fix on supports. Remove the right forward wheel.
2. Unscrew four bolts and remove the plate opening access to coupling and located in the coupling case basis.
3. Weaken nuts and bolts of fastening of the generator, move the generator to the engine and take off an auxiliary driving belt from pulleys.
4. Record a flywheel from a provorachivaniye, having inserted a screw-driver edge between teeths of a flywheel and a cover. Unscrew a bolt of fastening of a pulley of a bent shaft and remove a pulley.
5. Unscrew the bolts fixing a cover of asterisks to a forward part of the engine and uncover.
6. Note orientation and remove an oil reflector from a bent shaft.
7. Temporarily establish a pulley of a bent shaft and for a bolt of fastening of a pulley turn a bent shaft of the engine in such situation that the spline (A) on an asterisk of a bent shaft was directed up, and tags on asterisks (V) were directed to each other. Remove a pulley of a bent shaft.
8. Unscrew two bolts and remove the mechanism of a tension of a driving chain. Two types of mechanisms of a tension are used: just with a spring or with supply of oil under pressure. The mechanism with supply of oil under pressure limits oil pressure to exclude premature emission of elements of the mechanism of a tension.
9. Unscrew a bolt of fastening of an asterisk of the camshaft and remove it together with a washer. For keeping of an asterisk from a provorachivaniye when unscrewing a bolt insert the screw-driver through an asterisk opening and arrange it on a plate of fastening of the camshaft.
10. Using a screw-driver edge, remove asterisks of distributive and cranked shaft together with a driving chain.
11. Wash out details in kerosene and dry up them. Clear the laying remains from the interfaced surfaces of a cover and the block of cylinders of the engine.