85425ea0 The provision of a cam of the accelerated idling turns

Adjustment of a cam of the accelerated idling turns

1 – cam,

2 – adjusting lever,

3 – the gate drive lever (it is necessary to press in the direction of an arrow),

4 – the screw of adjustment of turns of the accelerated idling,

and = 0,2–0,8 mm

1. Check correctness of adjustment of movement of the gate which is described in subsection If it is not executed, uncover the gate.
2. Open a butterfly valve, then easy pressing of a finger of a hand the lever of the drive of the gate close the air gate. Release a butterfly valve.
3. Check that the screw of adjustment leans on the highest step of a cam of adjustment of the accelerated single turns. Otherwise check correctness of placement of a returnable spring of the gate and, if necessary, adjust it, turning in the lever 2.
4. Establish and fix by screws a gate cover, at the same time adjusting tags have to be combined.