85425ea0 Vacuum movement of the gate


This adjustment can be executed also on the carburetor removed from the engine.

1. Remove the air filter.
2. Unscrew three screws and uncover gates and a sealing ring.
3. Without disconnecting hoses of supply of cooling liquid from a gate cover, move a cover aside. Keep in mind that the loop (V) on the end of a bimetallic spring is combined with the lever of the drive of the gate (A).
4. Move the gate drive lever before full closing of the air gate. Install the screw of the accelerated idling turns on the highest step of a cam.
Models of 1,3 l
5. Through a hose (it is specified by an arrow), the closest to the carburetor, create vacuum in the control unit of the gate. Slightly press the gate drive lever, turning the lever clockwise, and check a gap of the air gate, inserting a shaft of a drill of the required diameter.
6. For adjustment rotate the screw located sideways a gate casing.
L models 1,4 and 1,6
7. Disconnect two vacuum hoses from the block of movement of the gate and, using the small screw-driver, press the adjusting screw of movement of the gate before emergence of notable resistance. Using a shaft of a drill of the corresponding diameter, measure a gap between the lower party of the air gate and a wall of primary camera. The size of a gap has to be equal to the small gap of the gate of movement given in subsection 6.1.1.
8. If necessary establish the required gap, rotating the adjusting screw in the corresponding direction.
9. Establish a cover of the air gate, at the same time the loop of a bimetallic spring has to be combined with the gate drive lever. Combine tags (are specified by shooters) in a cover and a casing of the gate and tighten screws of fastening of a cover.