85425ea0 Productivity of the accelerating pump

1. Remove the air filter, then start the engine for several seconds, then switch off it. Looking from above in the carburetor, open manually a butterfly valve. When opening a butterfly valve the double stream of fuel given from a spray of the accelerating pump has to be observed. In the absence of a stream of fuel execute check as follows.
2. When checking operability of the accelerating pump it is necessary to give to the float-operated camera fuel from the additional tank.
3. Mount primary camera of the carburetor over a volumetric glass. Completely open ten times and close a butterfly valve, and you make opening of the gate within 1 second then return the gate to a starting position and in 3 seconds repeatedly open it. Check that the cam of the accelerated turns of idling did not limit movement of a butterfly valve.
4. Measure amount of fuel which the accelerating pump gave to a volumetric glass, and compare these data with provided in subsection 6.1.1.
5. If adjustment is required, weaken the screw of fastening and turn a cam in the required direction then tighten the screw and repeatedly check productivity of the accelerating pump.
6. For adjustment weaken the screw (under an arrow) and turn a cam plate in the required direction.