85425ea0 Detection of a rupture of a chain

The majority of problems of the opened chain are caused by the broken or weakened socket.

1. For check of integrity of a chain connect the device for verification of schemes or the negative probe of the voltmeter to the negative plug of the accumulator or the grounded element.
2. Connect the second probe to connection in the checked chain, it is desirable for the next to the accumulator or a safety lock. At the same time this site of a chain has to be energized from the accumulator if only the socket of connection to the accumulator does not carry current or the safety lock did not fuse (at the same time do not forget that some chains of electric equipment join only at turn of a key in the ignition lock in a certain situation).
3. Include a chain, then connect the tester probe to connection, the next to the chain switch on the party of the checked element.
4. If tension is present (what the control bulb or indications of the voltmeter testifies to), it means that the site of a chain between the corresponding connection and the switch has no gaps.
5. Continue check of a chain in the same way before detection of the site on which there is no tension that means that the rupture of a chain occurred between this point and a point of the previous check on which there was tension.