13.8. Removal and installation of a forward wing


1. Remove forward finishing of the car.
2. Remove indexes of turns.
3. Remove protection of wings for what push out the central part of plastic percussion caps and take percussion caps from a wing edge.
4. In the presence remove a washer reservoir of headlights.
5. Unscrew 12 bolts fixing a forward wing.
6. Cut a layer of sealant and remove a wing.


1. Clear the remains of old sealant from the body surface interfaced to a wing and put a thick layer of fresh sealant.
2. Install a wing on the car and fix it by bolts, having tightened them at this stage by hand.
3. Moving a wing, adjust its situation and tighten bolts.
4. Apply a protective layer on the internal surface of a wing, and paint an external surface with the corresponding paint.
5. Install a washer reservoir of headlights.
6. Establish protection of a wing and fix it by new plastic percussion caps.
7. Establish the index of turns and forward finishing of the car.