13:11. Removal and installation of a trunk lid and torsions


1. Open a trunk lid.
2. Using a marker, note an arrangement of hinges from two parties on a trunk lid.
3. On models with the central blocking disconnect the electric socket from the lock engine. The socket is located on the left side of a trunk lid.
4. Using the assistant, support a trunk lid and unscrew bolts of fastening of hinges.
5. Remove a trunk lid.
6. Torsions fasten due to own elasticity. For removal of torsions disconnect them at first from the central arm.
7. Then disconnect torsions from a hinge arm (1 – the torsion, 2 – a rubber emphasis).


1. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.
2. After installation of a trunk lid check that in a closed position the gap on its perimeter and car body elements is identical everywhere.
3. If necessary adjust the provision of a trunk lid for what weaken bolts of fastening of hinges and, moving a cover within the extended installation openings, find required position.