13:22. Replacement of seat belts

On forward seats inertial seat belts are established.

In non-working situation seat belts have to be reeled up on inertial drums.

Seat belts which were exposed to strong loadings need to be replaced.

1. Cleaning of seat belts can be made only water with soap. Dry seat belts and only after that reel up them on inertial drums.
2. When replacing a seat belt note an arrangement of washers (are specified by shooters) and laying and do not mix them at installation.
3. For access to the top fastening of a seat belt it is necessary to remove finishing of a threshold.
4. For removal of finishing of a rack of a door it is necessary to pull it inside and down.
5. For access to a back inertial drum of a seat belt remove back side finishing.
6. Separate the top fastening of a back seat belt.
7. For access to the lower fastening of a back seat belt move a pillow of back sitting forward.