13.5. Cowl

1. Open a cowl and enclose pure rags under cowl corners to protect a paint and varnish covering of the car at removal of a cowl.
2. In the presence of illumination of a motor compartment disconnect the electric socket from a bulb.
3. Using a marker, note position of hinges on a cowl.
4. Ask the assistant to support a cowl, then unscrew bolts of fastening of the left and right hinges of a cowl.
5. Being careful, remove a cowl.
6. If the new cowl is established, rearrange on it all removable details.
7. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.
8. If the cowl lock probe was removed, adjust its length and tighten a lock-nut (1 – the probe, 2 – a washer, 3 – a spring, 4 – a lock-nut, X = 40–45 mm).
9. Close a cowl and check its arrangement of rather adjacent surfaces.
10. Adjust the provision of a cowl so that at the closed cowl the gap on perimeter of a cowl was identical from all directions.
11. For adjustment weaken bolts of fastening of hinges of a cowl and, moving a cowl, adjust its situation.
12. For adjustment of a forward part of a cowl on height it is necessary to screw in or unscrew rubber pillows.