13.24.4. Fuses and relay

Electric chains of all car are protected by fuses.

The most part of fuses is located in the block of safety locks and the relay on the left side under a steering column.

Numbers of safety locks are put on the block of safety locks and the relay. The electric chains protected by safety locks are given in subsection 13.24.1.

Each safety lock has an inscription about the size of the passed current.


Always replace a safety lock with other safety lock of the same power. Never replace a safety lock more than once, without having defined the reason of its burn-out.

Do not use a metal wire or a foil instead of the fused safety lock.

On some models with the additional electric equipment one can be established or two safety locks from a reverse side of the block of safety locks and the relay.

If on the car washers of headlights are established, the relay and a safety lock of a washer are installed under a cowl.

The fuse of a washer of headlights is removed definitely.

The relay is an electronically controlled switch which is usually used as follows:

  – the relay can switch big currents remotely from a chain in which this current flows, allowing to use thinner wires and contacts of switches;
  – the relay can have more than one managing director of an entrance, unlike the mechanical switch;
  – the relay can perform function of the timer, for example, to set an interval of work of screen wipers.

Relays are located on the block of safety locks and the relay from a front and reverse side of the block.

Relay arrangement from the face of the block of safety locks and the relay

And – the relay breaker of indexes of turns and the alarm light system,
In – the relay of a heater of back glass,
With – the screen wiper relay,
D – relay of forward fog lights

Arrangement of the relay and safety locks from a reverse side of the block of the relay and safety locks

Е – relay of the on-board computer,
F – relay of a back screen wiper,
G – relay of driving beam,
N – the relay of headlights,
I – the warning buzzer,
19 – safety lock of the central blocking,
20 – safety lock of power windows

Replacement of the relay

1. If the system operated by the relay fails also a cause of defect, perhaps, the relay is, listen to operation of the relay at the included system.
2. If the relay regularly works, then you have to hear click at its inclusion.
3. If the relay is serviceable, then the cause of defect is concluded in elements or the connecting wires.
4. If the relay does not work, it means that it or does not receive the main power supply or the operating impulse, or is faulty.
5. For replacement of the relay switch off ignition and, having just pulled the relay, take it from a nest and insert on its place new.