85425ea0 Installation of asterisks

1. For replacement of a sealing ring in a cover establish a cover on two whetstones and, using the hammer and a drift, beat out an old sealing ring together with the holder.
2. Lower a new sealing ring in pure engine oil for 24 hours. Establish a new sealing ring in the holder.
3. Establish the holder in a drive cover so that the holder was established aflush with a cover.
4. Establish an asterisk on a bent shaft.
5. Establish a camshaft asterisk in a driving chain so that at installation of an asterisk on asterisks were directed to the tag camshaft to each other.
6. Install an asterisk on the camshaft and fix by a bolt with a washer, having tightened a bolt the required moment. Hold an asterisk from a provorachivaniye in the same way, as well as when unscrewing a bolt.
7. Install the mechanism of a tension of a driving chain. If the mechanism with supply of oil under pressure is used, manually squeeze a block of axial pressure and fix the mechanism and release a block.
8. At installation of the mechanism of a tension with a spring install the tension mechanism into place and fix by the lower bolt. Move with the screw-driver a spring from the case of the mechanism of a tension and screw in the top bolt of fastening of the mechanism of a tension.
9. Release a spring and tighten bolts of fastening of the mechanism of a tension the required moment.
10. Establish an oil reflector on a bent shaft and new laying of a cover of the drive. Before installation apply a thin film of sealant on both parties of laying.
11. Establish a cover of the drive and screw in bolts of fastening of a cover on two or three turns. Establish a pulley of a bent shaft to align a cover, and in the diagonal sequence tighten fastening bolts the required moment.
12. Screw in a bolt of fastening of a pulley and tighten it the required moment.
13. Establish an auxiliary driving belt and adjust its tension.
14. Establish a wheel and lower the car on the earth. Tighten bolts of fastening of a wheel.