85425ea0 Repair of the oil pump

1. Remove the oil pump.
2. Unscrew two bolts and uncover the oil pump with a maslopriyemny pipe. Remove laying of a cover.
3. Take the leader (the drawing at the left) and conducted gear wheels (the drawing on the right) the oil pump.
4. Unscrew the big carving stopper located sideways the oil pump and take a sealing ring, a spring and a ball of the safety valve.
5. Clear all details of the oil pump in kerosene and dry up them.
6. Check a condition of details of the oil pump for existence of wear or damages and in the presence of them replace the oil pump.
7. Using a probe edge, measure a gap between the conducted and conducting gear wheels of the oil pump. Using a metal ruler and the probe, check an axial gap between the case of the oil pump and gear wheels.
8. If all details of the oil pump in good shape, collect the safety valve of pressure and establish gear wheels of the oil pump. Fill the pump with oil, establish a pump cover with new laying and fix it by bolts, having tightened them the required moment.