85425ea0 Check of yokes and pushers

Each yoke wears out only in three points, namely in points of contact of a pusher and a core of the valve, and also in a turn point. At wear of a yoke in any point it needs to be replaced.

In a nut of fastening of a yoke the blocking part of a nut can wear out. It can be a consequence of repeated unscrewing and screwing up of a nut therefore during the operation of the engine the nut can spontaneously unscrew that will lead to change of a valvate gap.

1. Check a condition of a carving of racks of yokes, and also that an opening for supply of oil in a rack pure. Establish an edge of a steel ruler on heads of racks and check that they are at one height. If any of racks it is located above, so it was unscrewed from a head of the block of cylinders. In this case it is necessary to replace a rack with a rack of the increased size.
2. Check a condition of pushers and replace the bent pushers.