85425ea0 Check of system of ignition


1. Replace contacts of the breaker and adjust a gap and duration of the closed condition of contacts of the breaker as it is described in subsection 8.1.3. After adjustment put one or two drops of engine oil in the center of dredging of a cam, and grease a cam with technical vaseline. Put only a small amount of lubricant, otherwise lubricant can get on contacts of the breaker.
2. Check a condition of high-voltage wires.
3. Mark the high-voltage wires going to spark plugs and remove them from spark plugs, having pulled for a tip, but not for a wire.
4. Check an internal surface of a candle tip for lack of corrosion which represents white powder. Establish a candle tip on a spark plug before its accurate fixing. In the absence of accurate fixing, using flat-nose pliers, draw in a spring clamp in a candle tip.
5. Using pure rags, clear high-voltage wires of dirt and lubricant. Check high-voltage wires for existence of prozhog, cracks and other damages. Do not bend and do not stretch a high-voltage wire as the internal conductor of a wire can be broken off.
6. Remove the second end of a high-voltage wire from an ignition distributor cover. You make removal of a wire only for a tip. Examine an internal part of a tip on existence of corrosion which represents white solid powder. Check density of landing of a tip of a high-voltage wire to an ignition distributor cover. In the presence of an ohmmeter check resistance of a high-voltage wire. Establish a high-voltage wire on an ignition distributor cover before its accurate fixing.
7. Similarly check other high-voltage wires.
8. In need of replacement of high-voltage wires get high-voltage wires only for your car and the engine.
9. Uncover the distributor of ignition and clear it. Check a condition of a cover for existence of cracks, carbonaceous paths, wear, and also for an obgoraniye and wear of contacts. Check a condition of the central coal contact and freedom of its movement in a cover.
10. Remove a rotor of the distributor of ignition and check it for existence of cracks and an obgoraniye. When replacing high-voltage wires it is also recommended to replace a cover and a rotor of the distributor of ignition. Installation of a rotor of the distributor of ignition needs to be made so that it was accurately recorded on a distributor shaft.
11. Unstable start of the engine can take place at hit of moisture on elements of system of ignition. For an exception of it apply water repellent on elements of system of ignition.


At work on system of ignition it is necessary to be careful with the included ignition as it is possible to receive blow by current from a high-voltage part of system of ignition. People with stimulators of warm activity are not recommended to check and make repair of system of ignition. Switch off ignition before a detachment or connection of any element of system of ignition or probes of the measuring device.

1. Check a condition of high-voltage wires and elements of the distributor of ignition in the same way, as well as on models with system of ignition with the breaker of contacts.
2. Check installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition (see the corresponding description in subsection 8.2.4).