85425ea0 Cleaning of the filter of the fuel pump on models with the carburetor


Gasoline extremely fire - is also explosive therefore it is necessary to show care during the work on any part of fuel system.

Works on fuel system need to be performed in well aired room for what it is possible to open all windows and doors for draft creation.

During the work with fuel system observe purity as the dirt which got to canals of fuel system can block them that will break normal operation of the engine.

On some models the fuel pump of non-demountable type and this operation there is no need to carry out.

1. Arrange pure rags under the fuel pump.
2. Unscrew the screw and remove a face cover from the fuel pump. Remove a rubber sealing ring.
3. Remove the filter from a cover and wash out it in pure fuel. Check a condition of the filter for existence of pollution or gaps and, if necessary, replace it.
4. Arrange the filter in a cover and establish rubber consolidation.
5. Install a cover on the pump and fix it by the screw.
6. Start the engine and check tightness and fuel system.