85425ea0 Check of a condition of oil

When checking level of oil in the automatic transmission also check a condition of oil. For simplification of check of a condition of oil compare color, a smell and viscosity of oil to new oil.

1. If oil in the transmission dark or almost black with a burned smell, so frictional overlays of the transmission are worn-out.
2. If oil in the transmission has dairy color, so water got to it. It can occur at continuous operation of the car on short trips. If color of oil does not change after a long trip, it is necessary to replace oil.
3. If oil has dark brown color and sticky, it can be because of an overheat of the transmission or too high level of oil in a box. If replacement of oil does not yield result, the car needs to be presented to the specialized workshop Opel.
4. If when checking level of oil or replacing oil at an automatic box at oil there are particles of dirt or metal shaving, it is necessary to make diagnostics or repair of the automatic transmission at specialized service station Opel.