13.10.7. Removal and installation of a window regulator

On cars window regulators of various types, for example, with the crossed guides or with the hummock drive, and also with the manual or electric drive can be established. Operations on removal and installation of a window regulator are similar for all types of window regulators.


1. Remove a door upholstery.
2. On the Cabriolet cars with power windows before removal of a window regulator install the window regulator mechanism in the situation shown in the drawing, and enshrine it in this provision by a wire (1).
3. On a half lower glass and enshrine it in this provision.
4. Disconnect electric sockets from a window regulator.
5. Drill rivets (are specified by shooters) and remove a window regulator from a door.
6. The window regulator with the hummock drive needs also to be disconnected from a glass guide (bolts of fastening of a guide are specified by shooters).


1. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.
2. For fastening of a window regulator it is necessary to use new rivets.
3. On a window regulator like scissors grease rams and the directing glasses with silicone lubricant.
4. On a window regulator with the electric drive adjust a window regulator cable tension, turning regulators on 90 °.
5. Check work window regulators and establish a door upholstery.
6. For adjustment of a window regulator on the Cabriolet cars weaken bolts and move a glass guide.