13.10.2. Removal and installation of a door

Hinges of a door are welded on a door and a rack. In need of adjustment use special tools to bend hinges. If hinges of a door are worn-out so that any more pins of the increased size cannot be established, it is necessary to replace a door or a rack.

1. Open a door and support it by a jack through wooden whetstone.
2. Disconnect electric sockets from a mirror, window regulators and the central lock.
3. Unscrew a bolt of fastening of an emphasis of opening of a door.
4. Remove plastic covers from hinged fingers of a door.
5. A drift beat out hinged fingers and remove a door.
6. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.
7. Check that the door lock beads comes on the shock plate located on a rack.
8. If adjustment is necessary, weaken the probe fixing a shock plate, move a shock plate and tighten the probe.