12.19.2. Replacement of protection covers of steering transfer


At installation it is necessary to use new clamps of the protection cover.

1. Remove steering transfer.
2. Remove a clip and a rubber element from the left end face of steering transfer.
3. On steering transfer with the amplifier of steering since the left end of steering transfer disconnect hydraulic tubes.
4. Remove external clamps of a protective cover from two parties of steering transfer, then remove knot of a protective casing / pipe.
5. Remove internal clamps of the protection cover and remove the protection cover from a pipe.
6. Install the new protection cover on a pipe and fix by new clamps. Clamps have to be placed so that after installation of steering transfer the ends of clamps were directed to the car up.
7. Establish knot of a protective casing / pipe on steering transfer and fix its external ends by new clamps which ends have to be directed up.
8. On models with the amplifier of steering connect hydraulic tubes with new sealing rings.
9. Establish a clip and a rubber element and install steering transfer on the car.