12.16.1. Removal and installation of a steering column


1. Remove a weight wire from the accumulator.
2. For improvement of access remove a steering wheel.
3. Unscrew screws and remove the top casing of a steering column.
4. Unscrew screws and remove the lower casing of a steering column.
5. On models with an unregulated steering column casings fasten 8 screws, and on models with an adjustable steering column – 5 screws.
6. Remove the ignition lock cylinder.
7. Disconnect the electric socket from the ignition lock.
8. On models with the unregulated provision of a steering column release clamps and remove switches of lighting and screen wipers.
9. On models with an adjustable tilt angle of a steering column unscrew two screws and remove knot of switches of lighting and a screen wiper.
10. Unscrew a nut and a bolt of the top arm of a steering column. For a vyvinchivaniye of the cut-off bolt it needs to be nakernit, drilled and unscrewed, using a stripper for extraction of the cut-off bolts.
11. Having pulled on itself, remove a steering column from the elastic coupling and take it from interior of the car.
12. In a new steering column there is a big plastic washer which is established in the lower part of a pipe of a steering column. The washer is necessary for centering of a shaft in a pipe, after installation of a steering column the washer needs to be removed.


1. Check that forward wheels of the car are established in situation for the movement directly forward, and top tightening the bolt of fastening of the elastic coupling is in horizontal position.
2. Establish a steering column, at the same time the lower end of a steering shaft has to enter the elastic coupling.
3. Screw in top tightening a bolt of fastening of the elastic coupling, but do not tighten it finally at this stage.
4. Acquire a nut and a bolt of fastening of the top part of a steering column. At the same time use the new cut-off bolt and new самоконтрящуюся a nut.
5. Screw in the bolt fixing a steering column to an arm on a partition of a motor compartment and tighten it the required moment.
6. Tighten a bolt and a nut of the top fastening of a steering column. Tighten the cut-off bolt until, the bolt head will not be cut off yet. Самоконтрящуюся tighten a nut the required moment.
7. Move a steering shaft up to an emphasis, then tighten top tightening a bolt of fastening of the elastic coupling.
8. Using a screw-driver edge, remove a plastic centering washer from the basis of a steering column.
9. Further installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.
10. Establish a steering wheel.
11. Check steering work, having made a trip at a small speed with turns.