85425ea0 Check of a bent shaft

1. Check necks of a bent shaft for a roughness. Any noticeable roughness specifies that the bent shaft needs to be pereshlifovat or replaced.
2. If the bent shaft was перешлифован, check agnails around openings for lubricant. In the presence of agnails remove them with a small file or a shaber or carefully clear openings and channels of shaving.
3. Using a micrometer, measure diameter of radical and conrod necks of a bent shaft and compare results to specifications. You perform measurement of necks in several points, both on diameter, and on neck length that will allow to reveal ovality and conicity if they are present.
4. The second (and more exact) the method of measurement of a gap of radical bearings consists in using the product known as Plastigage. It is a round plastic core which contracts between an insert and a neck of a bent shaft. After removal of a cover of the radical bearing the deformed plastic core is measured by a special template which is available in Plastigage set. The procedure for Plastigage use following.
5. On the inserts installed in the block of cylinders establish a bent shaft without lubricant. Necks of a bent shaft and inserts have to be absolutely pure and dry.
6. Cut off several pieces of a plastic core of Plastigage (they have to be slightly shorter, than width of the main bearings) and establish on each neck of a bent shaft.
7. Establish covers with the lower inserts and tighten fastening bolts the required moment. In the course of measurement of a gap by Plastigage method do not rotate a bent shaft.
8. Unscrew a cover of fastening of an insert, remove it and apply a large-scale ruler to the deformed plastic core. Comparing width of the deformed plastic core to control width on a large-scale ruler, determine gap size.
9. In conclusion carefully clear Plastigage-material traces from inserts and a bent shaft.
10. Check the surfaces of contact of oil consolidation on each end of a bent shaft for wear and other damages. If wear of a neck from consolidation big, then, perhaps, is required replacement of a bent shaft.