4.4.21. Removal, repair and assembly of the oil pump



Unscrew screws and remove the top cover of the oil pump.


1. Measure a gap between teeths of gear wheels of the pump.
2. Measure a gap between an external gear wheel and a pump housing.
3. Measure a gap between the plane of gear wheels and the plane of a pump housing.
4. If necessary replace gear wheels. The tag (it is specified by an arrow) has to be directed to surfaces of an external gear wheel outside.
5. Unscrew a cap of the reducing valve of the oil pump. Get all elements of the valve and examine them on existence of damages and wear.
6. If necessary replace the switch of a control lamp of pressure of oil located in a back part of the pump.
7. If necessary remove perepuskny the valve of an oil filter (it is specified by an arrow), having cut in it a carving M10 tap. Install the new valve.
8. Replace a forward sealing ring of a bent shaft.


Assembly is made in the sequence, the return dismantling.