4.4.14. Removal and installation of pistons and rods


1. Remove a head of the block of cylinders and the oil pallet.
2. Remove the ledges in the top part of cylinders formed as a result of wear.
3. Examine rods and covers of rods on existence of marking on them. If marking is absent, apply own tags on rods and covers corresponding to them not to mix them in installation time.
4. Install two pistons in the lower dead point and unscrew nuts of covers of rods. Uncover and push out pistons and rods via cylinders. Remove inserts of conrod bearings and put them together with the rods corresponding to them.
5. Remove two remained pistons.
6. If you are going to disconnect pistons from rods, make on them the corresponding tags.
7. Remove a lock ring of a piston finger.
8. Squeeze out a piston finger on the other hand.

Installation of the piston and rod

And – an arrow;

In – deepenings;

With – an opening


1. Grease piston fingers, establish them on places and fix by lock rings.
2. If you install new pistons or piston rings, then cylinders need to be otkhoningovat. After a honingovaniye on walls of the cylinder there has to be a pattern from the cross lines which are crossed at an angle approximately in 60 °.
3. Spread out all elements of rods one after another.
4. Establish inserts of bearings in rods and in covers of rods.
5. Oil cylinders and pistons engine. Squeeze piston rings and insert the first piston into the cylinder, having taken into account of a tag on the piston (the arrow on a head of the piston has to be directed towards a pulley of a bent shaft).
6. Grease a neck of the bearing and establish on it a rod.
7. Establish a cover of a rod and tighten nuts of fastening of a cover the required moment.
8. Similarly install the remained pistons.