85425ea0 Repair of a head of the block of cylinders


When dismantling a head of the block of cylinders it is necessary to use the special device for compression of valvate springs. At assembly of a head of the block of cylinders it is necessary to use new maslootrazhatelny caps.


1. Remove fuel nozzles and glow plugs.
2. Using the device for compression of a spring of the valve, squeeze each spring and remove crackers from a valve end face (it is shown by shooters).
3. Remove a plate springs, a spring and the mechanism of turn of the valve. Take the valve.
4. Take a maslootrazhatelny cap from the top part of the directing plug.
5. Take the valve via the combustion chamber. Each valve you store in a separate plastic bag together with a plate springs, a spring, the lower plate of a spring and crackers for their further installation on the places.
6. Beat out vikhrekamer through openings of fuel nozzles.
7. If necessary beat out insulating tubes of fuel nozzles by means of a drift with a diameter of 10 mm.
8. In a head of cylinders there is a reducing valve of pressure of oil (it is specified by an arrow). For replacement of the valve address the expert.
9. Carefully clear and examine a head of cylinders and all its elements.


1. Mount the vortex cameras on places. On the other side of a head (it is specified by an arrow) insert new sealing rings of insulating tubes and hammer insulating tubes.
2. Oil cores of valves engine and install valves in the directing plug.
3. Install the rotary mechanism of the valve.
4. Establish new maslootrazhatkelny caps.
5. Establish springs of valves (the drawing at the left) and plates of springs (the drawing on the right).
6. Special adaptation squeeze a valvate spring, establish crackers in dredging of a core of the valve and grease them. Remove the device for compression of a spring. Repeat this operation on other valves.