12.7.2. Replacement of hug bearings of a back wheel


1. Remove a nave.
2. From the inside of a nave remove a sealing ring and take an internal ring of the internal bearing.
3. Fix a nave in a vice with soft sponges and a copper drift beat out external rings of bearings from a nave. At the same time establish a drift evenly around in order to avoid a distortion of bearings.


At knocking-out of bearings be careful that there were no zaboina on a bearing seat in a nave.

4. Clear a nest for the bearing in a nave and, using an emery paper, remove all agnails.
5. Establish new external rings of bearings by cones outside. Using a tubular mandrel of the corresponding diameter, press rings of bearings in a nave. At the same time be careful not to warp a ring as there can be their jamming and destruction.
6. Grease rings of bearings with lithium lubricant and the same lubricant fill space between bearings.
7. Establish an internal ring of the internal bearing into place, grease a working edge of a new sealing ring and establish it into place with use of a tubular mandrel of the corresponding diameter.
8. Establish a nave and adjust a hug bearing side play.


As the knot consisting of the fastener of a nave, a nave and the hug bearing is non-demountable, at wear of the hug bearing it is necessary to replace all knot.