11.14.3. Installation of valves

Hatchback and Sedan models
1. Check that new the valve have the same type, as earlier established. You make replacement of valves in a set even if only one valve failed.
2. Screw in valves in the main brake cylinder and tighten them the required moment.
3. Connect brake tubes and tighten connecting nuts the required moment.
4. Pump over the brake system.
Station wagon and Van models
5. Remove from old and install the protection cover on the new valve.
6. Install the new valve into place and fix by bolts, having tightened them the required moment.
7. Connect brake tubes to the valve and fix by nuts, having tightened them the required moment.
8. Pump over the brake system.
9. Install a spring on the valve and an arm.
10. Adjust the provision of an arm so that the tension of a spring was an average and fix an arm.
11. Lower the car on the earth.
12. Make a control trip and check work of back brakes.


Keep in mind that at increase in a tension of a spring pressure in back brakes and vice versa increases.