11:10. Support of a forward brake

1. In the presence take off caps of wheels, then weaken bolts of fastening of forward wheels.
2. Tighten the emergency brake, then lift a forward part of the car and record on supports.
3. Remove forward wheels.
4. For reduction of losses of brake fluid uncover a popolnitelny tank of the brake system, close a tank mouth polyethylene and again screw a cover. It is necessary in order that the cover hermetically closed a popolnitelny tank.
5. Alternatively, using a clip, press the brake hose going to a support.
6. Clear area around the connecting coupling of a brake hose and a support.
7. Unscrew a connecting bolt, the fixing brake hose to a back part of a support and disconnect a hose from a support.
8. Remove two sealing washers from a connecting bolt.
9. Close an opening in a support and a brake hose suitable traffic jams.
10. Remove brake shoes.
11. On models with early modifications of a support of ATE unscrew two bolts and remove a support from the car.
12. On models with GMF supports, using a screw-driver edge as the lever, remove dustproof caps from two bolts of fastening of the holder of a support.
13. Unscrew bolts of a bolt of fastening of a support.
14. Remove a support from a rotary fist.