11:11. Support of a back disk brake

1. In the presence take off caps of wheels.
2. Then weaken bolts of fastening of back wheels.
3. Lift a back part of the car and fix on supports.
4. Remove back wheels.
5. Remove brake shoes.
6. For reduction of losses of brake fluid uncover a popolnitlny tank of the brake system, close a tank mouth polyethylene and again screw a cover. It is necessary in order that the cover hermetically closed a popolnitelny tank.
7. Clear area around the connecting coupling, a brake tube and a support.
8. Unscrew the connecting coupling, the fixing brake tube to a back part of a support and disconnect a brake tube. Be careful and do not deform a brake tube.
9. Close an opening in a support and a brake tube suitable traffic jams.
10. Unscrew two bolts and remove a support from the nave fastener.