11.12.3. Installation of the cylinder

1. Install the working brake cylinder on a brake board and fix by bolts.
2. Connect a brake tube to the working brake cylinder and fix by a connecting nut.
3. Install brake shoes on pistons of the brake cylinder and establish the top returnable spring.
4. Install the brake drum and fix it by the screw.
5. If necessary, rotating a wheel of an adjusting level, take away brake shoes from a drum.
6. Remove polyethylene from a jellied mouth of a popolnitelny tank of the brake system and pump over the corresponding brake contour.
7. Adjust a gap between brake shoes and a drum for what several times press a brake pedal. When pressing a pedal during the normal work of an adjusting level the clicks published by an adjusting level have to be heard.
8. Establish a wheel and lower the car on the earth.
9. Tighten bolts of fastening of a wheel the required moment.