11.10.2. Repair of a support

1. Fix the holder of a support in a vice with soft sponges and, observing care and security measures, clear a support of brake dust and dirt.
2. Remove a support from the holder of a support for what press the support face down and remove it from adjusting pins.
3. Note orientation and remove the directing springs from the holder of a support.
4. Using a screw-driver edge as the lever, remove a bracket of fastening of a dustproof cover of the piston of a support, then, being careful, in the same way remove a dustproof cover.
5. Take the piston from a support for what it is possible to give air under low pressure to the brake cylinder through an opening for connection of a brake hose. At the same time instead of brake shoes establish wooden whetstone.
6. Remove wooden whetstone and, being careful, take the piston.
7. Using the wooden or plastic tool, take a sealing ring from a flute in a support opening.
8. Check a condition of all details of a support and replace the worn-out or damaged details. Check a condition of the directing fingers.
9. Pay special attention to the cylinder and the piston. In the presence of scratches, рисок, wear or pointed corrosion it is necessary to replace the piston and the cylinder. It means that it is necessary to replace a support assembled.
10. Irrespective of a state replace all rubber consolidations.
11. Wash out all details in methyl alcohol or pure brake fluid and wipe them. For a clearing of tubes and openings use compressed air.
12. Establish a sealing ring in a support opening.
13. Dip the piston into brake fluid and apply a thin film of brake fluid on an opening for the piston in a support.
14. Install a dustproof cover on the piston so that the internal diameter of a cover was included into a piston flute.
15. Insert the piston into a support and at the same time insert an external edge of a dustproof cover into a support before its fixing. Establish a bracket of fastening of a dustproof cover.
16. Fix the holder of a support in a vice with soft sponges and establish the directing springs in the same situation in which they were before removal.
17. Establish a support on adjusting pins of the holder of a support.