85425ea0 Control lamps


Indexes of turns of the trailer

Blinks at the movement with the trailer with frequency of a blinking of indexes of turn. Does not blink at refusal of one of indexes of turn of the trailer or the car tractor.

Dimensional or passing beam

Lights up at inclusion of dimensional or passing beam.

Driving beam

Burns at the turned-on driving beam of headlights and at inclusion of a light signal.

Index of turns

Blinks at the included index. The Bystry blinking indicates malfunction of one of lamps of the index of turns.

Emergency brake

Burns at the included ignition if tighten the parking brake.

If lights up at the released hand parking brake, check brake action, without creating dangerous situations for other participants of the movement.

Brake system

Burns at the included ignition if liquid level in hydraulic system of the drive of brakes is lower than norm.

If there is no brake action, then stop the further movement. Ask for the help in an authorized workshop of Opel.

If brake action still exists, then it is necessary to reach with care to the nearest masterful Opel.

Move slowly and providently that in time by means of the remained brake action or by means of the hand parking brake it is at any time sure to slow down. Avoid driving on roads with a bias.

Seat belt

At inclusion of ignition lights up for several seconds that testifies to need to fasten belts.