1.13. Increase in the luggage compartment on the Station wagon cars

1. Throw with seat belts of back sitting a sitting back.
2. Release a back of sitting from clamps and put on a sitting pillow. For transportation of lengthy objects move forward sitting of the passenger forward, and incline a back of sitting back.
3. Lift a pillow of back sitting for a loop up, and release a back of sitting from clamps and incline forward and enter into grooves of fixing corners.
4. You make loading not really highly and record freight as at sharp braking freight can move forward. On a framework of a roof there are 4 openings. Screw a cover the screw-driver. Hang network of safety at first at the left (the mobile ends), enter into a flute and close a cover.
5. For installation previously lift and cast away backs of back sitting back and suspend belts. Establish to the place of a seatback, at the same time pay attention that they have to be recorded accurately (before clicks). For installation lift sitting forward, hang and pull belts. For dismantle move the regulator of belts up.
6. Transportation of passengers behind a safety grid is inadmissible.