1.16. Operation of belts


1. Extend a belt without pushes from a roller and put on, watching lack of excesses.
2. Latch a uvula of a belt in the lock. It is forbidden to throw back too strongly back a sitting back, the recommended tilt angle is equal about 25 °. The cross belt has to densely, without excesses to adjoin to a body. During a trip periodically pull a belt, tightening it for a humeral part.
3. In particular pregnant women have to lower a cross belt as low as possible to a basin to reduce pressure upon the lower part of a stomach.
4. Outerwear exerts impact on belt prileganiye density.
5. The belt cannot be imposed on firm or fragile objects in clothes pockets as, for example, the handle or points as it can lead to wounds.

Adjustment of height of the top point of fastening of a belt

Not to carry out adjustment of height of the top point of fastening of a belt during the movement.

1. To extend a little a belt.
2. To press on fastening.
3. To adjust height.
4. To record before click.
5. It is for safety reasons especially important that with a small growth smaller height was established. Too high installation can reduce comfort.


To unfasten a belt, press the red button on the lock. The belt will independently be involved in a roller.

Check of belts

All parts of system of seat belts have to undergo testing with replacement of the damaged details from time to time. After accident it is necessary to replace the stretched belts and the worked stopper of belts with new.

It is forbidden to make changes to belts, their fastenings, the automatic device of winding and locks.

You watch that belts were not damaged or clamped by objects with keen edges.

Care of belts

You keep seat belts clean and dryness.

You make cleaning warm water or weak soap solution.