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1.10.21. Devices



Indication of speed of the movement.

Counter of kilometers

Registration of number of nayezzhenny kilometers.

Counter of a daily run

Zeroing by pressing the dumping button.


Work of an ekonometr is carried out at all speeds.

The black sector – economic work. The red sector – uneconomical work.

Ekonometr, in fact, shows instant relative fuel consumption and allows to choose the most optimum mode of the movement.


Installation of time is made after pressing and rotation of the adjusting handle with a nakatka.


Driving with a tachometer allows to save fuel. Indication in revolutions per minute.

Precautionary field on the right: admissible speed is exceeded.

Drive the car whenever possible in the minimum range of speed for each transfer (between 2000 and 3000 rpm) and with a uniform speed.