1.10.14. Automatic gear shifting

Start of the engine only at "P" or "N".

For inclusion of "P" or "R" pull the lever up.

Р = parking

R = backing

N = neutral situation (idling)

D = transfers 1–4

D3 = 1–3 transfers to press the button

2 = transfers 1–2

1 = 1st transfer

Р: previously tighten the parking brake

R: only at the standing car

Blocking against casual inclusion of provisions P, R, 3, 2 or 1

Extend the handle under the switching lever: "2" – in the first situation, "R" – in the second situation, "P" and "1" – in the third situation against the stop.


When switching situation with "1" on "N" or with "R" on the "D" handle do not extend.


Before departure check:

      – a state and pressure of air in tires;
      – level of lubricating oil and liquids in a motor compartment;
      – correctness of installation of seats, seat belts and mirrors;
      – brakes.

Windows, mirrors and external lighting have to work and be free from dirt, snow and ice.

Do not put any objects before back glass (they are reflected in glass, close visibility and at sharp braking fall in salon with a force several times exceeding their weight).

Do not block a door. At accident it will give the chance to give help outside.