85425ea0 Removal

1. Remove the engine from the car.
2. Remove a head of the block of cylinders.
3. Remove the oil pallet, a maslopriyemny pipe of the oil pump and a reflective plate of oil.
4. Remove the oil pump.
5. Remove a flywheel or a plate of the drive.
6. Remove pistons with rods.
7. Turn the block of cylinders a bent shaft up.
8. Check existence of marking on covers of radical bearings. Covers are numbered by figures from 1 to 4, and the cover No. 1 is located from a gear belt. The back cover of the radical bearing located about a flywheel has no identification tag. Pay attention that numbers of covers are correctly read from the water pump at the turned engine.
9. Unscrew bolts and uncover radical bearings. If radical inserts are reused, fix them with the corresponding covers.
10. On the central radical bearing the persistent half rings defining a side play of a bent shaft are established.
11. Remove a bent shaft from the block of cylinders.
12. Take the top radical inserts from the block of cylinders. If inserts are reused, mark them for the subsequent installation on the places.
13. On the block of cylinders there is a stopper located adjacently with a ledge of a cover of a gear belt and closing an opening for the VMT sensor. The sensor defines the top dead point when passing about it of the pins pressed in a counterbalance (are specified by shooters) of a bent shaft.