4.2.13. Removal and installation of a forward sealing ring of a bent shaft


1. Take off a gear belt. On engines 1,6 (16 SH), 1,8 and 2,0 of l it is necessary to unscrew a bolt of fastening of a pulley of a bent shaft and to remove a pulley and laying, having noted their arrangement.
2. On later models remove other pulleys of a gear belt, then unscrew bolts and remove a back casing of a gear belt.
3. Using edges of two screw-drivers as levers, remove a pulley of a bent shaft and a segment spline.
4. Drill two small openings located in the opposite ends of a sealing ring in a sealing ring. Screw in two self-cutting screws in the drilled openings of a sealing ring and, using flat-nose pliers, extend a sealing ring for heads of screws.
5. Clear a nest for a sealing ring.


1. Dip a new sealing ring into pure engine oil and, using a tubular mandrel of the corresponding diameter, establish a sealing ring in a nest on the required depth. Previously close an adhesive tape an end face of a bent shaft not to damage working edges of a sealing ring at installation.
2. Remove an adhesive tape from a bent shaft.
3. Establish a back casing of a gear belt, a gear belt and adjust its tension.