13.17.2. Removal and installation of a back seat


1. Remove decorative slips from hinges in a forward part of back sitting.
2. Remove lock rings and take pins of hinges (the arrow noted a lock ring).
3. Remove a pillow of back sitting.
4. Take percussion caps and remove a carpet from a reverse side of a back of back sitting.
5. Release a back of back sitting from the top fastenings.
6. Unscrew side hinges and remove a back.
7. Take an axis of the hinge of a back of back sitting.
8. Unscrew finishing of the central hinge.
9. If the compound back of back sitting is established, unscrew also central hinge.
10. On the Sedan models the latch of a back of back sitting fastens the nut available from the luggage compartment.


1. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.
2. Begin installation of a back of compound sitting with the central part.
3. On the Hatchback models for adjustment of a shock plate of a latch it is necessary to weaken a nut in a back part of a pin of a shock plate.
4. Then establish a sitting back into place and tighten a nut (1 – a pin of a shock plate, 2 – distance to the second shock plate of 1162±25 mm, 3 – a back, 4 – the back panel).