11.2.2. Pumping – use of a set with the unidirectional valve

The set consists of a tube with the unidirectional valve installed on it which excludes a possibility of return to the brake system of remote brake fluid with vials of air. On some sets the transparent container in which vials of air in brake fluid are well looked through is established.

1. Remove a dustproof cap from the union of pumping of the wheel cylinder, clear it and dress on it a hose from a set.
2. Unscrew the pumping union on a half of a turn.
3. Smoothly press a brake pedal against the stop and slowly release it in a starting position.
4. Repeat this operation until from the union of pumping there is no brake fluid without vials of air.
5. Tighten the pumping union against the stop, pick up from it the phone and dress a dustproof cap.


During removal of air constantly you monitor availability of brake fluid in a tank, without allowing an exposure of its bottom as at the same time air will get to system again.